We Are All Aamir Liaquat

Just shedding some light on the FACT that everyone is actually just Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain trapped in a different body.


You often secretly feel like a total boss.


More often than you should, actually. This is you after a presentation.


In fact, you’re positive you ARE royalty. 


You think you are smarter than everyone.


You cannot stand most kids but you have had to pretend you like them.


In fact, you sometimes wish you could give away that annoying kid in your family


When your jam is on the radio, no one can stop you from grooving.


Sometimes you can’t stop admiring what you see in the mirror


At some point, you’ve also posted a ‘Jummah tweet’ or Facebook status.


But you also love sweet, sweet subtweeting 😉

In front of your family, you’re a total angel.


When you’re with your friends, you swear non-stop and crack ridiculously sexual perverted jokes which you laugh your own ass off at


But when your mum tells you your female cousin was caught speaking to her ‘boyfriend’ on the phone…


You’ve pretended to read the news to look smart


This is you on the weekend. #IftaarShow


And this is you on Monday mornings. #MorningShow


This is you on Shabe Qadar….Or when bae doesn’t text back.


Sometimes you find yourself helplessly unable to give a fuck about things.


We are all Aamir Liaquat and it is high time we admit it.

17 thoughts on “We Are All Aamir Liaquat

  1. Even worse I look like Aamir Liaqat too. People often approach me at events and ask if i’m related to him. I have not started telling people we’re khala-zaat brothers.

  2. I dont know why my google now showed me the link of this blog, but it is worth going through the post. Author is correctly satirical about the character of our nation. We are all hypocrates to the core but like to refer to others by same. Pot calling the kettle black.
    Nice post

  3. One cannot truly be Amir Liaqat until one has fondled Tahir Shah’s hair, preferably on national television. I tried substituting said rite of passage by molesting sea weed in front of a webcam but my best efforts were futile. Alas, the unattainability of full blown Amir Liaqat-liness surely puts it next to godliness.

  4. Teri ker leta tha topi 😛

  5. really nice and humorous.
    just one thought: aamir liaqat is notorious for his hypocracy. But atleast he is ORIGINAL .
    aur asli maal ki bohat kami hai apny PAK mey 🙂

  6. This is hilarious. LMAO!

  7. LOVE IT! This is hilarious

  8. OMG again very hilarious content.. Imaan u r so genius. always a fan of yours

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