Female. Psychedelic art lover, classical rock fan, occasional knitter and loud laugher, actually based in Karachi, Pakistan, but mentally residing in South Park, Colorado.

Moody writer. I post when my brain wants to regurgitate.

Blogging status: n00b

Mass Communication graduate.

Facebook page: ImaanSay

Twitter: @SheikhImaan

Email: contactimaan@gmail.com


79 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Imaan
    Nice to finally read a girl’s blog with such good sense of humour! Although this compliment is a positive reinforcement of the gender stereotype, I don’t care I had to say it.
    Keep it up 🙂

  2. I just discovered your writings vis a vi Buzzfeed. Movie reviews – The best. Love them!

    I too reside in South Park (in my head).

    Hope things are well in Karachi. Keep posting, can’t wait for you to post a review about Slumdog Millionaire (Oscar – seriously?)

  3. Hi Imaan, I couldnt stop reading the Pictoral summary of those 90s movies.. Freaking hilarious..I just cant stop laughing…I wish I could write like this someday. Amazing work.. Keep it up..

  4. You’re hilarious! Thank you for the entertaining reads!

  5. Wow Reading your KKKG review in a nutshell! Was the most entertaining bollywood movie review I’ve ever read!! Woman Power indeed! You have an imagination of a Goddess! Bless your talent! Mashallah 😉

  6. When I lol I usually mean I’m like (o_o) but your pictorial summaries made me lol so hard!!! You’re a genius!

  7. My wife just posted something by you, and I had time to kill, so I started reading all your blog posts. As I was reading them on my phone, trying not to laugh out loud, the maulvi dude whose office I’m waiting at to get work done turns to me and says ‘Bhai jaan aap kaam ko bara enjoy kartey hain! “and I’m all like yeah, you know, dedication!

    Thanks a million, your writing lit up my day.

  8. The most ive ever done after reading something online is chuckle. But your posts have me laughing out loud at my screen like a deranged monkey. Thank you so much. Thankfully bollywood movies ki koi kami nahi hai…please dont stop these reviews! Will be checking back regularly for them 😆 ❤

  9. I discovered you on a watsapp forward two days ago and ever since have been stalking you on your blog, twitter and generally on the Internet…. haven’t read woman or man with such a massively huge sense of humour earlier….

  10. Hi Imaan,

    I love your reviews and was wondering if you can do one on the Indian movie Pardes please? 😛


  11. Read your buzzfeed post on Dil to Pagal Hai! Hilarious! Keep up the good work. Also, Imaan is a really cool name for a girl 😀 . (y)

  12. You, lady, are a comedic genius. Nuff said. Can you please please do a film rewind of Maine pyaar kiya and Karan Arjun? Please pretty please?

  13. Love, love, love your blog – especially the movie reviews. Like someone else said, rarely do I laugh out loud. Your writing has been rolling over with laughter. You are truly talented. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

  14. This is the first time time I am commenting at someone blog….Seriously you have incredibly awesome sense of humor….Last two days, I am reading your reviews and I simply cant stop laughing….

  15. You crack me up. Please continue to review the millions of terrible movies out there!

  16. A friend recommended your blog, and I am loving every post. Keep going! You’re a genius!

  17. you’re Smart! your work is brilliant!
    i’d guess that you are into Video games & Famous Bolly movies
    (didn’t knew you guys Followed Bollywood soo much!)
    & now you just won a dedicated Fan…keep Rocking !

    P.S. i used to think that i’m the only one imagining himself in Colorado Springs! i am Nishu, see you there..

  18. Dude, is it inappropriate if I say I find you intellexual?! I never knew I could laugh so hard!

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